Gold Belts with Green Stripe and Deputy Green Belts (Gold Belt with a Black Stripe)


This page is devoted to answering the most frequently asked questions for new Green Stripe students.

When do I come to Class?

  • Since you have recently been promoted to Gold Belt with Green Stripe, your classes times will change (Children ScheduleTeen ScheduleAdult Schedule).
  • You will take classes based on what type of program you are enrolled on.   Most new students come two times per week.  As you progress, you may decide that you would like to come more frequently.  Mr. or Mrs. Houston can help you switch programs, very easily.  Often it is just a 5 minute paperwork process and very little change in the cost of the program.
  • No matter what program you have chosen, you can change the days of the week, you attend, based on what works best for your schedule.  If you are happy coming every Monday and Thursday, then that is what you should do.  Your program does give you the flexibility, however, to come any other days of the week.  You are not enrolled on any particular days, but rather on a number of days.
  • One of the biggest changes you will see now, is that the ability to come more than two days per week will benefit the student greatly.  You now begin to have many more options in your training.  You will see below that you can now diversify into Sparring, Self Defense and Kata training.  The more often you come, the easier your progress will be.  Your first goal will be to take the necessary steps to reach your Deputy Green Belt.  You can find the requirements on the back of your attendance card, highlighted in green.  When your instructors have marked all of these as complete, you will be awarded your Deputy Green Belt right in class!

When do I need my Sparring Gear?

Sparring is one if the first new things you begin to learn as a new Deputy Green Belt.  You can only begin sparring with the proper gear.  We require our students to purchase their own set of sparring gear anytime after they are promoted to Gold Belt with Green Stripe.  As soon as you have your gear we will begin teaching you how to use it.  You will have to have it once you reach Deputy Green Belt  The sparring gear need will include:

  • handpads
  • footpads
  • headgear
  • mouthpiece

The minimum requirements listed above, can be purchased in a package with a case for the mouthpiece and a gympbag.  Please see the front desk staff to be properly fitted for your equipment.  Also, although it is tempting to purchase your gear over the internet, we recommend against it.  The equipment that we carry has been approved by our insurance carrier and by our corporate office as safe.  There are many substandard types of equipment on the market.  Similarly, most who attempted to purchase their equipment over the internet, did not receive proper fitting for the equipment, which in turn, made it unsafe. In addition, there have been a few cases of purchases branded by one company when in fact they were knock offs.  

Is it time to begin learning more Self Defense now?

At Green Stripe Belt, you will be taught the 5 International Self Defense sets in classes.  These are the same sets that you eventually will do with a partner.  As soon as you receive your Deputy Green Belt in class, you will be able to attend Self Defense type classes as well.  

When should I expect to be promoted to Green Belt?

Since every student is an individual it is hard to say exactly when each student should expect promotion.  Most new Green Stripes get awarded their Deputy Green Belt in two to four months.  Some adults reach it as quickly as two months.  It depends a lot on attendance.  A student who is attending 4 days per week will reach the goal of Green Belt twice as fast as the average student, attending two days per week.  So, based on average attendance, most children should be at their Deputy Belt in two months and their Green Belt in 2 to 4 months after that.  Also, with children, usually attention span, coordination and discipline will either make the goal come quicker or delay it if the student struggles with these issues.  Adults with good attendance can expect their Deputy Belt in two months and their Green Belt within 2-4 months after that.

Any more questions?

We are constantly trying to improve this New Member FAQ page.  So, if you have a quesiton that is not answered on this page, please email it to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to address it and add to this page!