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Follow Your Own Path To Black Belt

on Wednesday, 28 March 2018. Posted in All About Martial Arts

Simpy follow your own path!

20953380 1613027752062112 5316219152700522712 nDon't Compare Yourself to Others!

The path to Black Belt is very personal. The important thing for everyone to know is that there is a path. When people watch those of us who have already achieved Black Belt, they sometimes compare themselves to those of us who have spent 5 years or 35 years getting to where we are in the martial arts. That is the big mistake. The path is defined and easy to follow, but takes a good attitude and the ability to commit to something that is important to you. You do not have to have a natural talent for it. We will teach techniques to you that seem foreign at first but become comfortable and eventually show off your talent.

What age is the right age to start in Martial Arts?

on Wednesday, 28 June 2017. Posted in All About Martial Arts

There are reasons to start at any age

family shotWhat age is the right age to start in martial arts?

by Kathy Olevsky 

I think I hear this question about once per week.  Sometimes the question is coming from parents who what to know when to start their child in martial arts.  Sometimes the question is coming from adults who actually want to know if they should have started when they were children.

New Year's Resolution

Written by Libby Hubscher on Thursday, 22 December 2016. Posted in All About Martial Arts

Setting and Reaching Goals

new years blog pic

By Libby Hubscher

I love this time for year, not just for the festive twinkle lights and cookies and time celebrating with family and friends, but for the chance to reflect on the previous year and make goals for the New Year.

Last year after the holidays, Mr. Houston asked his students what their goals were for 2016. I said I’d like to earn my Brown belt (third brown). From that point on, my goal was on my mind at every class and during every test. When I struggled with some health problems, my goal gave me something to focus on and helped keep me going. I was so happy, when I received my Brown belt at our December promotion ceremony at the Apex Dojo.

Resolutions aren’t just for adults. My 6-year-old (now 7) daughter hoped to obtain her Green belt. When she was tired of practicing kata or didn’t feel like going to class after a long day at school, I reminded her of her goal. It was hard work, but she made it. The proud look on her face when she broke the board at the promotion ceremony said it all.

Achieving your goal is rewarding. But even if you don’t reach it, every step forward is progress, and something to be proud of. Setting SMART goals and making a plan can help increase your odds of success:






In 2017, I hope to become better at sparring by speeding up and improving my side-kick technique and countering. I plan to advance my execution of the self-defense sets I’ve already learned, and add several new ones. I’d also like to obtain my Deputy Black Belt.

What are your New Year’s resolutions and goals for 2017? 

Halloween Safety Tips

on Tuesday, 25 October 2016. Posted in All About Martial Arts

5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe this Halloween!

blogpic5 Tips for Staying Safe on Halloween
(thanks to Stephen Reinstein for these tips)
Halloween is such a fun time of the year for children; but when children encounter tricks instead of treats, this holiday can become very scary – and not just because of the decorations and frightening costumes. Abductions, bullying, candy that has been compromised are all things that can make Halloween a scary holiday for children and parents.

Bear Necessities

Written by Libby Hubscher on Thursday, 18 August 2016. Posted in All About Martial Arts

Strike and Strength Techniques

This past week, the Jungle Book came out in theaters, which means that my bearson has been singing “The Bear Necessities” pretty much non-stop. So it probably comes as no surprise that this post is all about bears (and karate, of course, since this is a karate blog after all). 

In martial arts, many of our techniques are named for the animals that inspired them. One of these is the bear paw strike (also called kuma-di). 

Image credit: Biodiversity Heritage         


Making Strides

Written by Libby Hubscher on Tuesday, 28 June 2016. Posted in All About Martial Arts

Aili’s Journey at Karate International

IMG 1062

By Libby Hubscher

When Stephanie Arthur came to Karate International of Apex to enroll her daughters, Savannah and Aili, she wasn’t just looking for a new hobby for her girls—she was looking for something special. Aili has cerebral palsy, a condition characterized by difficulties controlling body movement, muscle control, coordination and balance. The difficulties are caused by brain injury or abnormal neural development—before birth, during birth, or immediately after birth. In Aili’s case, she suffered a stroke.

From the Movie Screen to the Dojo

Written by Libby Hubscher on Monday, 13 June 2016. Posted in All About Martial Arts

Student Spotlight - Nathaniel Sprecher

NathanielLike most people, the first time I saw a Jason Bourne movie starring Matt Damon, I think I ate some popcorn, thought, wow, those are some great fight scenes, and was entertained. But the same movie was the catalyst that helped ignite a life-long passion for the martial arts for high school senior and black belt Nathaniel Sprecher.

Start Where You Are

Written by Libby Hubscher on Tuesday, 17 May 2016. Posted in All About Martial Arts

Camden's Journey

Blog image start
When Camden Gatlin saw Karate International for the first time, he was a curious and active Kindergartner tagging along to his sister’s gymnastic cheerleading training in the building next door. Before long, he was asking his parents if he could try karate. 

Out In Our Community

Written by Libby Hubscher on Tuesday, 05 April 2016. Posted in All About Martial Arts

Apex Family Expo

ExpoThis past weekend a group of students and instructors from Karate International of Apex participated in the Apex Family Expo at the Apex Community Center. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many wonderful local individuals and families and to showcase our training. 

Kudos to Jackie

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Everyone is on their own journey in Karate

Kudos to Jackie
Jackie started in Karate, the same day as the rest of her family.  Her Dad had some Karate prior experience, years before and was already a Black Belt, but her Mom and sister started as beginners.  They all started classes in December of 2011.

Do You See Yourself In This Picture?

on Friday, 08 January 2016. Posted in All About Martial Arts

What Martial Art Should I Take?

What Martial Art Should I Take?

By Kathy Olevsky

all arts photo 2In my 37 years of studying various martial arts, I have had many conversations with people who don’t know what martial art they should take. There are definitely descriptions of the various arts available through a simple Google search, but perhaps what is missing is the explanation of what makes a particular art good for a particular person.